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Support, Courage, Knowledge provides couples with a great deal of information regarding health, reproductive male and female concerns, tools to conceive, and newly released informative articles. We acquire a large visitor base with over five thousand readers each day, hoping to raise awareness and help couples achieve their goals of creating a family. Becoming a member of our website is rewarding to those who want to achieve their goal.
Our Mission
Our Mission is to provide couples with as much information as we can to make their journey easier. We help couples take control of their own personal fertility by supporting couples and helping them succeed their goal in creating a family. We help our clients understand their fertility, evaluate their diets, and provide resources to better help their goal. We provide many ways for couples to learn at their own pace either through this website, working one on one in our office, or taking educational certification courses through Joyful Living Services. Our course instructed by Amanda Brown, (a California Board of Nurses Certified Fertility Instructor) is a course that offers certification for Advocates and couples who want to learn more in depth about their fertility. Our services consist on providing support groups, one on one coaching/counseling, and phone sessions.

Our start
My Fertility Awareness was developed in the year February 2010 with only a few bits and pieces of information and pictures, by two women. One who suffered from endometriosis and secondary infertility, and one who suffered from polycystic ovarian syndrome and infertility. Over time it quadrupled in visitors, asking for more informative pieces of fertility and infertility news, health, and tips that could be offered. With one goal in mind, and that’s “Success”. Success to create a family, with the knowledge and tools needed.

So whether trying for two weeks or two years, My Fertility Awareness spreads awareness about fertility and infertility. As advocates for infertility and Fertility Coaches/Instructors, Health and Wellness Counselors, Women’s Health and Wellness Counselors, and Herbal Counselors we will support you and provide you with invasive information and knowledge to help you through your journey.

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