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Most do not think health has a lot to do with fertility, however it can, we just don’t know it. But it’s not all about staying healthy, eating the right foods, and staying fit… it’s also about what you do with it, how you apply it to yourself and your partner.

In our health section we introduce herbs, and herbal treatments. Many couples are choosing to take an alternative route to their fertility. However, where do you start? What do you purchase? When reading about certain supplements, what really works?

We have put together a few tips, and a few do’s and don’ts to purchasing supplements. Aside from taking care of your own personal body, here are a few tips. When looking for an herbal supplement, be aware of the following:

How long has this herb sat- the longer an herb sits on the shelf, the less effective it is. This will lose its potency. It is best to purchase an herb that is fresh.

What is inside of the herb- the only ingredients that should be inside of an herbal supplement is the herb itself, nothing else. A lot of companies add their own ingredients after purchasing an herb that is pure, and sell it making more profit.

When purchasing an herb, especially online, there needs to be precautions. The less expensive of the herb, the likely less pure and fresh it is. Especially with online vendors. Herbs need to be fresh, and pure in order for them to have any healing properties to help the body.

Make sure the herb is right for you. Self diagnosing yourself is one of the worse things an individual can do to their health. There are some herbs that aren’t meant to be taken with a particular person, and can cause more harm than good.

If you find yourself in this situation where you read somewhere online that “someone” has taken a specific herb that helped them conceive, and you self diagnose yourself, you will need to allow this herb to get out of your system before repair. Not all herbal supplements and programs work for the same person’s chemistry.

Where to purchase?
Let’s start by evaluating what your options are as far as purchasing an herbal programs or supplements. What is your budget, and where are you located at?

Avoid GNC, as this is the worse company to ever purchase any herbal supplement on. This company will purchase an herb in its purest form, and cut it down by adding other chemicals and ingredients inside, thus defeating the purpose of this herb.

Avoid online purchases- unless the brand is specific. For instance, a few great brands are Natures Answers, Herb Pharm, Penn Herb, and Mountain Rose Herbs. These brands have pure forms of an herbal supplement.

Vegetarian capsules are very helpful. This is because they are not made from gelatin and other forms of bio-chemical that can alter the herb and digestive system.

Some herbs can only be imported from other countries, as they grow wild there. Such as Maca. Maca is an herb that needs to be imported from Peru’s rainforest. It is important that the label state “Imported from Peru”. It is also very important that the label state “CERTIFIED ORGANIC”, as this will assure that the herb is fresh and not processed.

Herbs do have side effects to them, especially if not taken correctly and at the correct dosage. Not all herbs will work for one person the same as the other. It is crucial to know and understand each herb property

Does this seem like a lot of work? Yes, but this is why those seeking alternative health, with herbal supplements shouldn’t diagnose themselves. For an example:

If two separate women have irregular menstrual cycles, and one of those women have only an imbalance of hormones that can be corrected through the herb Chaste Tree Berry (Vitex) which is a hormone regulator, it would work for her.

However the other woman, if she has a Thyroid disorder/condition with irregular cycles, then the herb Chase Tree Berry (Vitex) will not work for her. It all boils down to what the condition of the factor for that particular person has, in order for a specific herb to properly work as it should.

Please keep in mind also, your health has a lot to do with the way an herbal supplement and program works. Do not expect to take any herb, and have it be a cure all. You will need to take the appropriate steps into assisting your body’s health so your body can work together with an herb.

A good example would be, if you took an individual with irregular or no cycles, and their eating/dietary habits weren’t exactly the healthiest, the herbal supplement chosen to help fix menstrual cycles, will not work. Herbs work only if they can work along side with the body to heal, along with the body helping itself.

Adding nutrients from natural resources, and vitamins from natural resources, will help assist the body properly to work together with the herb chosen. Any additives, chemicals, gmo’s, and other types of unhealthy foods or drinks should also be prohibited while expecting an herb to work. A body can only repair itself if the keys are given to it with a fighting chance.

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