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Membership To My Fertility Awareness

✔ Access to over 300 pages on most of what you need to know to conceive. Written by professionals, doctors, herbalists, certified health and nutrition staff, advocates and contributors based on experience.

✔ Detailed and explainable information on how to chart BBT, track menstrual cycles, hormone tests, losses, ARTS, and much more.

✔ One-on-one email or phone support if help is needed. We will do our best to help you in whatever area you may need.

✔ Original creation of test tweaking. How-to videos and accompanying guides, do’s and don’ts, pictures of tests, and many experiments with tests. Services included for test tweaking help.

✔ Information on many alternative natural resources from certified herbalists. Alternative healing of the body.

✔ Pictures of the reproductive tract, cervical mucus before, during and after the luteal phase, the mucus plug, and many more for your reference.

✔ Information on loss, resource and support groups, and much more available to you.

✔Opportunities to get involved with our website. We welcome your input and encourage you to share if you like, to help other women succeed in their journeys, giving them hope and a positive outlook, sharing your story. Get Involved! [/fieldset] [fieldset legend=”Terms” icon=”bell.png”] Registering for membership on our website provides you access to all the information we provide here. To register, the following details are needed:

During registration, your first name and a valid email address is required. (if terms of membership are not agreed to or First name is not provided, membership will be suspended.)

Once registration is complete, a confirmation email is sent to the registered email, providing the link needed to activate the membership. A welcome email is also sent. By clicking on the activation link in the email, this verifies the registered email and the member can now login to our website.

Privately Addressed Content
Our website provides content and information. Some content does require an access level of membership to view. My Fertility Awareness will provide access after membership has been active for fifteen (15) days. To be granted access after the 15 days, please contact one of the administrators of this site. Your access level can be viewed on your member profile.

[marker color=”red”]Terms and Conditions of Membership[/marker] Membership is free to this website. Therefore, we ask our members not to abuse, attack, copyright, misuse, mistreat, or create negativity on this website or toward its members. As a member, we want you to learn from and value the information you find here. Our team is here to help women and couples conceive in a positive environment. By signing up to this website as a member, you agree not to violate these terms. If such terms are violated, membership will be terminated without warning.

Canceling Membership
Cancellation of your membership is easy, and a no-hassle process. Simply log in to your profile and find the link at the bottom of the page to cancel your membership.. If you cancel your membership for any reason, we understand and hope to see you back soon. If membership is chosen to be terminated by the individual(s), all emails will also be deleted.

Your membership is valued. Our sign up platform does record internet protocols, as well as the contact forms around this website. Your log in is recorded, as well as time and dates. My Fertility Awareness does not have any control over this. Note: your email address is private, and stays private. Your email address will not be sold, abused, or rented out.

Sharing email content
Our test tweaking team is required to have a legal disclaimer excusing our team members of all responsibility for the outcomes of tweaked tests received back to the member. Our test tweaking team is not to be held responsible for any tests misconstrued or mistaken for a negative or a positive. Please consult your health care provider if you think you may be pregnant. Test tweaks are not to be distributed on other websites. If a member engages in this distribution, the membership WILL result in termination.

Alternative Health, and Healing on My Fertility Awareness
Our website provides an abundant amount of information provided by doctors and Certified herbalists. associates are not to be held responsible or liable for individual members choosing to diagnose themselves or ingest any herbal program upon this website. All members are urged to agree to terms prior to registration, indicating My Fertility Awareness founders, co-owners, staff, content providers, and columnists are not to be held liable for members actions.

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